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The dream that came true:
“My dream ones was to find a place where I could experience the wonders of the beautiful nature and animal life in Norway without looking for it, just live among it. This place needed to be a place where I could find peace, but also a place where I could bring people together and where there would be different activities possible.
Viva Lofoten is the place I dreamt about.”

My name is Vibeke Vassbotn (more about me).
I’m the owner of Viva Lofoten and I live in the main house of the farm. The Guesthouse, where there is room for 6 guests, is newly totally renovated and consists of 3 rooms; two “livingrooms” (one called “Kristine stua” and one called “Petra stua”) and one big kitchen (with a loftroom).

My farm reaches the water and have beautiful views (photos). You just need to turn your head and you can see the most wonderful features of the nature here in Lofoten; The ocean, the mountains, the sea eagels, the midnight sun in the Summer time, the northern light- and during the whole year, there are lots of variations of the light which make the experience even better (photos).

Viva Lofoten - Gjersvoll, 8315 Laukvik