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The house
The harbour

Viva Lofoten is situated in Laukvik in Lofoten. It’s about a half an hour drive from the airport and from Svolvær(the biggest town in Lofoten, where the Hurtigruta leaves from as well).
Laukvik is known for the special view of the ocean and the midnight sun.
It’s a great place for people that like cycling and hiking (photos).

It takes about 30 minutes to walk down to the port of Laukvik. Here you can find a cafè, kiosk, a grocery store and a fitness studio

What can you do while you are here:
Hiking in the mountains (There are different tracks in the mountains)
Cycling (Lofoten is a beautiful place to go cycling) Viva Lofoten has bikes to borrow
Paint (I have most of the equipments)
Write (It’s a quiet and peaceful place, where you easily will get the inspiration to write)
Relax (If you need to get away from a hectic day and relax, this is the perfect place)
Spend time with someone you love (Bring your family or friends and spend some quality time with them in a different environment)
Be a tourist (See the sights of Lofoten)

Other highlights:
- Kari Senteret Workshops(In norwegian)
- Laukvik.com The local Laukvik website (In norwegian).
- Galleri Magica An art gallery in Gjersvoll.
- Aanesen Design A design company run by Veronica Aanesen.
- Polarlight center A research- and informationcenter about Polar Lights.
- Midnattssolland info about Laukvik (In norwegian)
- Lofotens Guesthouse Anne gerd's Lofotens Guesthouse
- Laukvik-Lofoten.no

Viva Lofoten - Gjersvoll, 8315 Laukvik